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All your Luxury Vinyl Stair Nosings Questions answered in one place
Q.Can I use any laminate flooring for your stair nosings?
Luxury Vinyl Stair Nosings are exactly that. They are made from "Vinyl" laminate flooring. The older style of laminate flooring is made from fiberglass based coatings which are not suitable for the process of creating the stair nosings. Please select any brand of Vinyl Laminate Flooring and we can definitely make your custom Luxury Vinyl Stair Nosings.
Q.Can I order flooring from you?
We are not a flooring distributor or retailer. We are happy to recommend a quality product and retailer in your area if you need. Simply Contact Us and let us know where you are located and we will recommend an outlet for you of the appropriate Luxury Vinyl Flooring.
Q.Can I order your Luxury Vinyl Stair Nosings regardless of my location?
Technically, yes. However shipping and delivery costs and times will vary depending on your location. We can service anywhere in the world, but please be sure to Contact Us prior to ordering anything as we will have to arrange our shipping etc and be sure that you have a retailer in your area to purchase the correct product.
Q.Is shipping free anywhere?
No. Our free shipping area is currently only available from the location where you purchased your Luxury Vinyl Flooring in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, from Vernon, BC to Osoyoos, BC. Outside of that area, please Contact Us to find out how we can service you.
Q.How big are the nosings?
The full length of each nosing piece is the length of the planks that you supply us. The width varies depending on product, but can be as much as 75% of the width of a plank that you supply us. It all depends on the product provided by you to us.
Q.How many pieces is each stair tread?
Each stair tread on a typical 10" stair tread is usually 2 planks wide plus as many in length as it takes to cover the width of your steps. Typical steps are usually only 1 plank in width and 2 planks in depth.
Q.How many pieces is each staircase?
A typical flight of stairs is usually 14 steps.
Q.How many pieces of flooring planks do I need to send you to manufacture my Luxury Vinyl Stair Nosings?
For standard stairs, typically what we need is 1 plank per step runner(surface) and 1 extra plank to manufacture your Luxury Vinyl Stair Nosings.