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Luxury Vinyl Nosings are available for selling in your store.

We can provide Luxury Vinyl Stair Nosings in any style or colour that you stock or sell.  Our advantage is that we ask retail customers to purchase flooring from you at which point we pickup and ship to your store for the customer to pick up.

What do you need to do?  Simply contact us using the email or form link below and request a visit from our representative.  We will be happy to provide you with whatever information that you might need.

The advantage of Luxury Vinyl Nosings is that you do not need to stock anything extra other than the flooring that you sell!  Why?  This is because each stair nosing is manufactured and shipped back to you within 4 days.  You simply provide us with the correct number of nosing planks and we turn those around to you in a few days.

What if you want to stock some varieties of your existing flooring?  Simple, we can provide you with a volume discount and manufacture the required amount and ship them to you.

4825 Croil Ave.
Summerland, BC, Canada

Phone: 250-863-2692
Email: info@luxuryvinylnosings.com

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